Writing equals discipline

Feels so good to write. Wonder where I went for the last few days? Well, I have been working on the second book, Imperfections! I decided it is time to instill a little discipline and make a point to write each day. For a while there I was unsure of the direction for the book.… Continue reading Writing equals discipline


Pace Yourself…Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Be Gentle With Yourself! There are days when we do better than others. Especially when it comes to healing, processing, or even writing. We are currently working on our second book, Imperfections, which we hope to release very soon. However, it is taking a bit longer than expected. Which is frustrating for us, and I… Continue reading Pace Yourself…Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day


What is Normal Anyway?

Therapy needs to be Normalized... There seems to be this negative stigma behind therapy. These days the stigma is opening up to a more accepting society as research has shown more millennials are engaging in therapy. When we were growing up, therapy was a dirty word. You did not go and tell your problems to… Continue reading What is Normal Anyway?


Be Selfish…Taking Care of You First

Never let your internal battery run on empty... Taking care of ourselves is the hardest task we have these days. Okay, actually it has always been the hardest task. It is hard to think we deserve to be taken care of after so much abuse and trauma has taken place in our lives. We feel… Continue reading Be Selfish…Taking Care of You First


Create a Change You Like

"Trauma creates changes you don't choose. Healing is about creating change that you do choose". Growing up we did not get the chance to choose what we wanted. Whether it was about what to eat, how we dressed, who our friends were, or anything else. It did not matter if the choice was for something… Continue reading Create a Change You Like


Accepting Before Loving

Loving Who You Are Is Important... Love Yourself. We hear a lot about the subject. How important it is. How it helps us. How loving ourselves can improve our mental health. All of which is true. However, one thing is missing. In order to love ourselves, we need to learn to accept ourselves. Accepting who… Continue reading Accepting Before Loving