‘Imperfections’, (The Secrets We Keep, Book 2)

After much anticipation, tears, laughter, and even a few setbacks, I am pleased to announce that ‘Imperfections’ (The Secrets We Keep, Book 2) is now Available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited and ebook form with a paperback version to arrive soon! Go grab your copy today!


Sixteen-year-old Callie has never had anything good happen to her.  Storm exerted a wrath of evil to abuse and tear Callie down to the point of believing she is nothing more than damaged goods.  Finding safety in the Manor was the best thing that happened to Callie where having a safe place was like a dream come true.   Only now Callie’s future in the Manor is being challenged as she struggles to understand why her safety is being threatened, yet again.    

Insecurities and past traumas plague the girls as dreams shatters, trust fractures, and identities are challenged.  For some, relationships are strengthened, while others are broken, and new friendships emerge from the most unexpected places.   If those in the Manor don’t learn how to open up in therapy, the futures desired may be only a dream just out of reach.  But there is always a risk of opening up to a therapist, learning new coping skills, even if it means they ultimately change their life’s cycle from abuse to healing? 

If only they can find the right key to unlock the secrets of who Callie really is…  

A. G. Ballard

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