Ugly Dolls…It Speaks Volumes

Today Is The Day!

Rarely do I engage in movie reviews. However, this movie was an incredible feel good movie. I feel the marketing was way off on this though. Sure the characters are bright and funny and grab your attention. And who can’t laugh at Wanda Sykes! Not to mention I am a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson since American Idol.

Marketing is so important. I am learning this as I am re-marketing my first book in anticipation of the second being released soon. So when I look at this movie, it wasn’t the bright characters that pulled me in.

One day I was driving around playing on my Amazon Music app and came across the soundtrack for Ugly Dolls. At the time, I hadn’t even seen a trailer for the movie. But Kelly sang the song so I figured “What the hell, it has to be good”. I played it. And then I played it again. And again and again. About the 4th time I realized I was crying over this song. It had been a long time since a song moved me in such a way like this one did.

“I’m Broken and it’s beautiful!” Take a moment and just read through the lyrics and if you haven’t had a chance yet, find the song and listen to it. You won’t regret it. It’s a powerful song that shows a person coming into and recognizing their own strength. Being broken, abused, traumatized, hurt, bullied, etc does not mean you are a failure. Get up! Shake yourself off! You are beautiful and deserve to move on and be happy!

Here’s the deal though…you have to push through the crappy stuff first. You have to see the beautiful inside you. No one gets to tell you how to dress or act or look. No one gets to put a standard on what is ugly and what is beautiful. No one but you that it.

In this movie, the ugly dolls are adorable. They have the biggest hearts and only wish to be happy. It takes them learning that true happiness doesn’t come from the outside but from how you make yourself feel and how you make those around you feel. The dolls only win because of what is inside of them all along; they just needed the confidence to embrace that strength.

I remember watching Kelly Clarkson grow through American Idol to where she is now. I remember watching people turn on her after she had her first child and gained a lot of weight. There were comments how she wasn’t so pretty anymore and shouldn’t be on stage because no one wanted to look at a bloated pig. I cringed then and I still cringe now at that thought. I fought weight issues my whole life. I could weigh 99 lbs and my mom still told me I was fat and ugly. I can sort of imagine what Kelly was going through. I watched Kelly work through those issues, keep the weight on, and be happy with who she is. And I admired her for that. She didn’t bend to a bunch of diets to please everyone else but rather she pressed on to be herself, an individual, a strong independent and beautiful woman.

On a side note, take a listen to the rest of soundtrack and if you haven’t seen the movie, then go see it! These are adorable characters with a strong message. It’s okay to be ugly to the outside world, it is what is inside that truly matters. It is okay to not be okay. You can be broken and it is beautiful!

I hope the characters in my books become this relate-able as they grow through their broken pasts and into a beautiful future…

A. G. Ballard

Just the beginning of the song…”Broken and it’s Beautiful” by Kelly Clarkson

I never held my hand out and asked for something free
I got pride I could roll out for miles in front of me
I don’t need your help, and I don’t need sympathy
I don’t need you to lower the bar for me

I know I’m Superwoman, I know I’m strong
I know I’ve got this ’cause I’ve had it all along
I’m phenomenal and I’m enough
I don’t need you to tell me who to be

Can someone just hold me?
Don’t fix me, don’t try to change a thing
Can someone just know me?
‘Cause underneath, I’m broken and it’s beautiful

I’m broken and it’s beautiful
I’m broken and it’s beautiful
I’m broken and it’s beautiful
I’m broken and it’s beautiful

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