Believe in Me? Are You Serious?

Hmmm, I want to believe the bird is putting part of their trust in that branch as well…

A bird lands on a branch. They land on a branch and expect that branch to hold them up. There is some level of trust the branch is strong enough to support their weight and hold them up when they need it most.

I understand the concept of believing in yourself, but I also believe that you need people around to help you. Sometimes it is okay to need to land on someone else and know they are there to support you, listen to you, encourage you, and/or guide you. They are your branch, so to speak. You trust them to be there.

The birds’ wings are just as important as that branch though. There is a certain level of trust in your own ability that needs to be achieved. You need to believe in your ability to land on the branch without crashing or falling to the ground. You also need to believe in your ability to reach out to the branch.

But what happens when the branch has failed you before? How do you regain trust in yourself and in something (or someone) else? How do you reach out to the branch again? Even trust that the branch will be willing to hold you up? Or better yet, how do you trust yourself to land again knowing you may fall and be hurt?

All are valid thoughts and feelings. This is how life works. We get hurt and are expected to turn around and trust again. Trust others, trust ourselves, even trust new places are safe. We often hear how we are in a different place with different people. Does that automatically make things better? More trustworthy?

When a person has been through so much trauma and abuse in their life, it is almost impossible to trust in anyone or anything…including yourself. Sometimes yourself is the hardest person to regain trust in.

Healing is hard. It feels like preparing for a marathon you will can’t see coming. Yet every day you get up and push on. There are always ups and downs; steps forward and steps backward. And we all have them. We all have our doubts. We doubt our own wings, our own abilities, our friends, our family, our therapists, and everyone else. All those proverbial branches to our tree.

We think this is when the branches will be stronger than our own wings. Sure, it would be great to believe in ourselves more than others. Yet sometimes those other branches need to hold us up until we can fly on our own. There is nothing wrong with that. There is no shame in asking for help.

It is better to ask for help than to try to achieve it all on your own. Allow yourself to have a branch to rest on for a bit. You will be glad you did. Consider it self care šŸ™‚

A. G. Ballard

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