I Am My Favorite Valentine

Sure we have a Valentine, that someone special in our life. Actually with having DID, several alters have a special someone (but that is a topic for later).

This year, take a moment and fall in love with yourself! Make yourself a priority today. Do something special for you.

We took a moment and walked through Target. Wr know its not much, nor is it anything huge but for us it was refreshing. Bought ourselves some little debbie brownie snacks and banana nut muffins. Like we said, it wasn’t anything big at all. It made us smile and that was a good thing.

Later we are going to dinner with the family as well. Whoever you have in your life as a special someone or a valentine, make sure to make yourself your valentine. You won’t regret taking care of yourself!

A. G. Ballard

(Photo taken from the “it was ME campaign” facebook page)

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