Accepting Before Loving

Loving Who You Are Is Important…

Love Yourself. We hear a lot about the subject. How important it is. How it helps us. How loving ourselves can improve our mental health. All of which is true. However, one thing is missing. In order to love ourselves, we need to learn to accept ourselves.

Accepting who we are is vitally important, but it is also very difficult. One way to accept who you are is to acknowledge your strengths. Celebrate them even. It is easy to look at our faults and focus on all the things we can’t do. But when we change our focus to our strengths, then we can see how awesome we are. We can start to do more with our strengths to build us up mentally.

This also means we need to silence that little voice inside of us telling us all these negative, harsh, and unwarranted judgments about ourselves. We wouldn’t tell them to others, so why say them to ourselves. And why believe them? If we focus on our strengths then we can better see how this little critic inside of us is only trying to sabotage us.

We also need to learn to forgive ourselves. In a way, this is learning to accept who we are. We cannot control the past or what we have been through. We also cannot continue to be controlled by the past and past memories. It is equally important to understand that accepting the past is not excusing the past. Accepting that you cannot change or control what has happened.

When we can accept that we cannot control our past traumas, we can learn to accept who we are. When we can accept who we are, we can then learn to love who we are. It is an awesome cycle that needs to be conquered.

A. G. Ballard

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