Choices…Back or Forward

Which do you choose?

We always have options. Sometimes the options are not what we like, but there are still options. Even in the face of adversity, trauma, and abuse. We can stay in our comfort zones with safety, negative thinking, bad coping skills, and limited self-esteem.

Or we can step forward. Take a leap of faith into growth and healing. We can learn to love ourselves. We can learn who we are outside of the past we survived.

A lot of times, we have found ourselves living in the past. We have been inundated with so many negative tapes running through our head that we can not see anything positive. We can see positive changes ahead, and instead of reaching for them we try to self-sabotage as a way to continue punishing ourselves. As victims, we feel as if we need to be punished. It is as if there is a voice inside telling us we don’t deserve happiness. What we deserve is the abuse we endured. We continue on abusing ourselves by keeping us from healing, from moving on, and from living.

Step forward. Change. Love ourselves. Sounds so easy, but I assure it takes a lot of work. And be prepared for some setbacks. It’s okay to fall back, as long as you get back up and keep pushing forward. We deserve better We are not victims, we are survivors. It’s time to take back our lives and allow ourselves to be happy. Time to change the tapes in our head. Time to stop punishing ourselves.

It’s scary. Change is always scary. But it is also amazing to be free. Free from the past, free to be yourself, and free to live the life you are meant to live. It’s time to choose moving forward!