Learning to Love the Mindset

Wonder Woman is not a fictional character. Wonder Woman is a Mindset!

I love Wonder woman. When this movie came out, I absolutely *had* to go see it. This was a must for me. I don’t know what about this movie was so enticing, I just knew I found myself drawn to seeing this. Of course no one can deny that she is very easy on the eyes…okay she is hot!

Did I want to see this because Wonder Woman was hot and sexy? Of course. I found it to be enticing. And of course in this era, sex sells. Well played Hollywood.

But I didn’t want to see this only because she was sexy. It was not that I wanted to jump in bed with Wonder Woman. Sure, Wonder Woman is hot, and that outfit was sexy. But her confidence was even sexier. I was drawn to how she carried herself. How she walked. How she talked. How she presented herself to others. How she stood up for what she believed in. How she continued to fight for her beliefs, even when others tried to discourage her.

I found that what I really wanted was to be Wonder Woman. Maybe not in the cute outfit fighting gods, but I want to stand for the things she did. I want my life to be inspiring to others. I want people to see me as confident, poised, and the survivor I am.

Wonder Woman is a mindset. She is so much more than just a fictional character. She represents someone girls (and boys) can aspire to become. Girls can see it’s okay to fight for themselves. It is okay to have beliefs, and it is okay to be different! If you believe in something, then use your voice. Speak up, Speak Out! Fight for what you believe to be true, fair, and just.

A.G. Ballard, 2019