Master Today

There are a lot of days I struggle with this saying. I try to move to fast. I want instant gratification. I have often joked that ‘instant gratification was not fast enough for me’. I think this is the world we live in today. People expect us to find a solution and move on right now.

Growing up I had a adult friend who I could talk to at times. They never intervened and helped me out, but at least they listened and let me vent. When I had a problem, I would go to this person and vent. I remember they used to say “I thought we dealt with this already.” That saying rubs me the wrong way, even today.

What works on one day, will not necessarily work the next day, or even a month later. It doesn’t need to. It needs to work only right now! You are only responsible for living in the now. The past can haunt you, the future can scare you, but how you deal with both depends on how you master today.

For me, We are headed to therapy in a few moments. What are you doing to master today?