It’s Beautiful

Change is always scary. But it is also beautiful.

One thing we are committed to this year is making personal changes in our mental health. Changes are scary. Especially when you are making changes to a Family, not just yourself. Everyone will not be on board all the time. Yet it is important to make changes for yourself.

Finding the right person to open up to is probably the scariest change of all. When a person has been abused and through trauma, trust does not come easy. Sometimes you go through many therapists and friends due to trust issues.

An amazing and beautiful change is learning to trust. While we still don’t trust a lot of people, we have learned to trust our ‘chosen family’ and an amazing therapist who works relentlessly on our behalf. It has been strange, scary, unnerving, and confusing at many times. But it is also amazing, freeing, and beautiful.

The characters in The Secrets We Keep book series are also learning this lesson and learning to trust as they make changes in their lives.

Who are you learning to trust?
Who is in your circle?
What change are you making, despite how scary it may be?