New Year, New Year

Today is the beginning of a New Year. The beginning of 2019. A lot of people are busy making resolutions and commitments for a new change, to better themselves for the upcoming year.

We have a few goals this year as well for the upcoming year. Our writing goal would be to finish book 2, Imperfections. Possibly start book 3 in the series before the year is over.

We have a reading goal for the year set as 50 books. We are also working on a word of the day challenge to increase everyone in our family’s vocabulary.

On a personal level, we are going to be working through our own traumas and triggers more diligently. We will each be finding our voice and learning what it means to speak up and speak out. That we are allowed to be happy, find love, be safe, and not be silenced. This will be a huge step for many of us but something we are dedicated to working on this year.

What goals do you have? How do your goals help different areas of your life improve?

A.G. Ballard