Dear Self

“This is going to be your year. So dust yourself off and get started. Love Me”

When I saw this meme on Facebook, I fell in love with it. I shared it so I could see it often. The more I saw it, the more it made me think. And think. And think.

There are days when I don’t like myself, let alone love me. If only people knew half of what I have been through. I see these meme’s about loving myself, yet love seems so far away. Then it hit me that there are so many in the world just like me. People who don’t have a voice. Who have not reached a place of healing. One way we survive abuse is to keep telling ourselves that one day it will get better. We always wish for a better year. A lot of times we are let down. But I doesn’t keep us from wishing every year, sometimes we wish every day for a new day.

If we can keep wishing for a new day in order to survive, then what is keeping us from wishing for a brand start for a better self of healing? Once we have survived the physical location where our trauma took place, what keeps us from healing? What keeps holding us back? Isn’t it time to dust ourselves off and get started on creating a life that is full of love and healing? Don’t we owe it to ourselves?

A.G. Ballard