I was raised in a time where children are seen and not heard.  Silence for children was a must.   Good, well-behaved children were evaluated by how quiet and obedient they were.  The problem with silence is the outward appearance can always speak louder than what happens behind closed doors.  If children are quiet, they are seen as obedient.  The parents are doing a great job with raising obedient children.  They must be amazing parents.  In return, these parents become respected, looked up to, and even revered at times.

At the same time, the children are taught they don’t have a voice.  These children must endure whatever is dished at them because they cannot speak up without making things worse at home.  Appearances mean so much.  A loud child, or a child who speaks out of turn, is disobedient and defiant.

Breaking the silence is the only way to change the cycle.  Children should be heard.  We should listen to them.  Validate their concerns, feelings, and thoughts.   Break the cycle.   Silence is not always golden.

I also believe in research, but that is a topic for later…